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Scottsdale - Bin There Dump That 5 out of 5
Easy to book a dumpster rental on the phone. The people at Bin There Dump That were prompt and had very friendly service from phone to driver, a great deal over all. I would highly recommend this company, and will most definitely use them again when opportunity knocks! Thank you again for everything!
, November 2016
Scottsdale - Bin There Dump That 3 out of 5
I needed a dumpster for a shed and barn clean out. We were surprised with how much our bill was and were informed that it was due to going over the weight limit. This is our first time renting a dumpster, they never informed us of extra charges for going over.
, Gilbert, AZ , July 2015
Scottsdale - Bin There Dump That 4 out of 5
I needed a 20 yard dumpster for a house renovation project. I was removing drywall, wood and other materials. I've used them a few times since and am satisfied with the service I receive from Bin There Dump That.
, Gilbert, AZ , April 2015
Scottsdale - Bin There Dump That 5 out of 5
We had a challenging move out of our house of 20 years and needed a large dumpster. Les and his crew were so easy to work with. The dumpster was clean, arrived on time (actually 1 hour early which was even better!), layed it perfectly where we wanted it. We were overseas when we emailed him to pick it up and it was collected that day. We liked the walk in loading aspect. It works great until it starts to fill up , then you convert to tossing over the side. 5 star rating!
, January 2015
Scottsdale - Bin There Dump That 5 out of 5
I just bought a furnished house and am slowly getting rid of some old stuff like couches, cabinets, and other home belongings. BTDT was, in my opinion, exceptionally fantastic. I asked for a 10 yard dumpster for a week-long rental. They came early, were very professional, and brought stuff to protect the driveway. The guy was very courteous. I couldn't ask for better service.
, Sun Lakes, AZ , November 2014
Scottsdale - Bin There Dump That 5 out of 5
A was worried that picking a bin rental would be a difficult process, but I was pleasantly surprised with the selection offered when selecting my bin rental.
, April 2014
Scottsdale - Bin There Dump That 5 out of 5
I couldn't be more pleased. The dumpster was clean and delivered on time. Les and Chris provided exceptional, professional, and quality service. They even cleaned up after themselves!
, April 2014
Scottsdale - Bin There Dump That 5 out of 5
We were working on a remodeling job and a closet addition for a customer and had some construction debris to get rid of. We rented out a 10-yard dumpster from BTDT for 35 days. The unit was just small, but really clean. They came on time and were easy to work with. They were an excellent company. We were really happy and are planning on doing repeat business with them.
, Scottsdale, AZ , November 2013
Scottsdale - Bin There Dump That 5 out of 5
They really know how to make a dirty business look clean! When they arrived, I was amazed at how clean the bin and the truck was. When I spoke to the delivery guy, he explained the process and was super friendly. Way to make a first impression, I would definitely use them again!
, April 2013
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